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Keith Day Company

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Bottom Dump
PavingKeith Day Trucking and Gabilan Ag Services offers a wide array of construction, agricultural, transportation products and services

Gabilan Ag Services is a leader in the agricultural soil amendment industry, we’ve got you covered from production to spreading. We specialize in custom blends throughout Central California industries including farmers of all types, vineyards, contractors, landscapers, nurseries.
Keith Day Trucking can deliver and spread our custom blends, as well as virtually any other product directly to you. Our fleet not only includes trucks to spread soil amendments, but is also comprised of side dump trailers, belt trailers, transfers tucks and moving floor trailers.
Together Gabilan Ag Services and Keith Day Trucking unite as Keith Day Company.
Keith Day Company is a member of the Salinas Valley Builder Exchange, Small Business Administration (SBA), Central Contractor Registry (CCR), and Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS). Our staff has the experience and dedication to provide safe, courteous, first class service on time. We guarantee top quality service to any size project from residential to large scale projects.

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